About Us.

Supply Factory Holdings is a data first consumer and media holding company founded by experienced disruptive brand leader and philanthropist, Keenan Beasley.

Keenan Beasley Photo

Supply Factory Holdings is differentiated through our three core pillars.

Consumer & media operating and investing experience.

Data driven insights and operational platforms.

Cultural capital at the frontier of cultural relevance.


Deliver break through results to investors by building and acquiring companies that help reshape the world.


To build and acquire high quality growing companies in consumer products, tech, media, and infrastructure sectors.


Supply Factory is constructing a team and operational model rooted in diversity with social responsibility ingrained in our DNA.

Our Team

Keenan Beasley
Ernest Lyles
Jocelyn Tragesser
Account Manager
Tom Liu
Engine AI Co-Founder​
Rashid Bilal & Troy Millings
FactoryTV Co Founder​s
Brandon Ford
SF Brands President​
Jibrial "19Keys" Muhammad
FactoryTV Co Founder​
Larrance Dopson
FactoryTV Co-Founder​
Shevanne Robinson​
Sunday II Sunday President
Angela Simmons
ILTB Co-Founder​
Brandon Marshall
Masterpiece Co-Founder​
Al Torres
Business Development​
Douglas Ebanks Headshot
Douglas Ebanks
Finance & Operations​
Myron Branford
Creative Direction
Amechi Okechukwu
Video Production
Kirby Grines
Product UX/UI
Layla Lumpkin
Outside Counsel
Rebecca King
Chief of Staff
Brian Willis
Engine AI President
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